Home Automation for the MDU / Apartment Market

Two years ago at remotely, we analyzed the state of the current home automation market and saw that there were fundamental differences between home automation for owner occupied and home automation for apartments.  There are different needs, economic models, automated logic and support that remotely has taken into consideration and solved.

With this research, we built remotely as the first and only home automation platform built specifically for the rental industry.

remotely fills the gap between the strong renter demand for home automation and the property manager’s need to increase revenue, differentiate their communities and streamline operations.

With remotely, renters can control their entire rental unit with their smart phone. They can lock and unlock doors, control lights, control the thermostat, detect motion, moisture and more. remotely’s home automation software is hardware agnostic and currently works with over 1,000 smart hardware devices.

The Current Challenges and Solutions for Renters and Home Automation

Challenges Solutions



Expensive long term contracts and monthly fees that are longer than the average lease term.


Free for renters.


Most smart hardware devices don’t communicate with other smart hardware devices. This leads to software challenges.


remotely communicates with over 1,000 smart devices.


When hardware doesn’t talk to each other renters have to download multiple apps. Renters also want one app to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, set automations and control their rental.



remotely offers one app for renters to control their unit, pay rent and submit maintenance requests.

remotely can also be integrated into all of the major property management software apps.


In most cases property managers will not allow renters to add their own locks, lights or thermostats to their rental.



The property manager owns the hardware and the resident doesn’t have to deal with putting it in themselves.


The Current Challenges and Solutions for Property Managers and Home Automation

Challenges Solutions

Lack of Access:

Property managers cannot gain access remotely to any of their rental units where renters added home automation on their own.


remotely is the only home automation platform that gives property managers one dashboard to manage all of their home automated units.

Lack of Control:

Property managers don’t own the hardware that is placed within their rental units and cannot add or takeaway devices.


With remotely, the property managers own the hardware in each of their rental units and can fully customize each rental unit based on their needs.

Lack of Monetization:

Property managers cannot increase rent based upon home automation that renters add to their rental on their own.



Since the property owns the hardware, property managers can monetize home automation in anyway they would like.

  • Increase Rent
  • Offer A-La-Carte



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