My remotely controlled light doesn't seem to work

If you experience a problem with a remotely device, you can follow the steps below to determine the cause of the problem.

All devices that can be controlled with the remotely app can also be controlled manually.

First, ensure that the light will operate manually.

For example, if a remotely enabled device doesn't seem to turn on, try to activate the wall switch manually.

Note: The Smart In-Wall switches have a small, blue LED light on the face of the switch itself that is illuminated when the light is turned off. If there is a blue LED light, this also indicates that there is power to the switch.

If the blue light is visible and the light will not come on when the switch is activated manually, check to ensure that the light bulb is good.

If the light bulb is good and there is a blue light on the switch, make sure the hub is functioning.
Details regarding the hub are covered here- remotely hub troubleshooting

If everything above is functioning as expected, ensure that the light fixture itself is operational.


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