My remotely enabled Thermostat doesn't work

If you have any problem with your remotely enabled thermostat, follow the steps below to determine the possible cause of the issue.

First, ensure that there is power to the thermostat.  If the display screen is illuminated, there is power to the device.

If the device is showing a screen prompting you to set the date or time, set the date or time or press done to proceed to the function screen.

Ensure that the System mode is not set to "Off" The System mode must be set to "Heat" or "Cool"

Confirm that the "Set To" temperature is Higher than the "Inside" temp. listed for "Heat" mode or that the "Set To" temp. is lower than the "Inside" temp. for "Cool" mode.

If you are having trouble controlling the thermostat via the remotely app, ensure that the hub is functioning.  

Details regarding the hub can be found here- remotely hub troubleshooting



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