Can I turn my lights off and set my thermostat without an app?

This is true, but it’s really what people do when they are away from their apartment that is truly valuable.

    • For example, people are using this to check to see if they locked their door, perhaps when they go on a business trip or on vacation.  If they forgot, the door can be locked from anywhere with the touch of a button. This is also great for kids or guests...gone are the days of leaving a key under the mat.
    • Some people like to come home to certain settings.  For example, they do not want to walk into a dark apartment, or they like the temperature to be set to a certain setting upon arrival.
    • If you do not have a smart phone, you can still use a computer to set up automations. For example, you can tell remotely to turn on your lights when your front door is unlocked. You can use the key pad on the lock to enter the unit as well.
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